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Qualified in Art Psychotherapy and Printmaking, I have built a business offering various services, from art therapy, creative workshops to art for your home. Find out all about me and my story here.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that allows an individual to process and work through difficulties using art with a registered art therapist. It is used to improve cognitive and sensory functions, as well as self-esteem and resilience.

You can find out more about my work and what I can offer here.


Finding the perfect piece of art for your home can enhance your living. Art creates mood and adds personal character to your space. Often times, your culture is shown through the art you choose.

My art reflects my experiences in the world, exploring the Irish landscape and seascape. I specialise in printmaking and use a wide range of techniques to create limited editions. Continuing with my love for painting and drawing, I use acrylic for miniature pieces.

My art workshops are suited for everyone. Classes focus on the creative art technique and learning a new skill while enjoying time out of your usual day-day schedule. 

These classes can be held in a variety of styles:

  • 2-hr or 4-hr for GCSE and A-Level students

  • 4-8 week evening classes

  • private day classes in my studio

  • community murals

  • seasonal art workshops

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