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Finding the perfect piece of art for your home can enhance your living. Art creates mood and adds personal character to your space. Often times, your culture is shown through the art you choose.

My art reflects my experiences in the world, exploring the Irish landscape and seascape. I specialise in printmaking, and use a wide range of techniques to create limited editions. Continuing with my love for painting and drawing, I use acrylic for miniature pieces.

  • All pieces are available unframed, unless stated. If you wish for your piece framed get in touch after purchase and I will be happy to assist.

  • Open for commission - If you appreciate my style but don't see the art you think will suit your home or wish to gift a piece get in touch.

Shop Solstice

Screen Prints inspired by the Winter and Summer Solstice, including pieces influenced by Australia


Shop Flowers

Shop hand printed pieces inspired by flowers

Shop Sale

Handprinted pieces with a little discount

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